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(no subject)
знаете, как режут стекло? с противным скрежетом, долго, томительно, необратимо. вот и со мной примерно так сегодня поступили.

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sorry for translit
i am in NY, no russian fonts
feeling like you just described
went to internet cafe
and read your posting
hold on, please!
actually - i rather did it myself - in my b-fr apartment, suddenly saw staff from his past, and maybe not so past,
and it feels like knife in the heart - and i am walking with this knife in me
Dear Prime!
Hang on. Its due to some planetary movement - today sucks. Tomorrow will be another day. And it will - should - must be better. In NYC and in Msk.
Hang on in there.
Kusia hold your hand.
And I need a hand in my hand - badly.

Ok. tomorrow will be and it may be never die.
And you are right. Today it seems easer and even ridiculously but laughter is still bitter. Thanks , Kusia, and my hands will be open for you any time. Nothing is new under the moon, unfortunately, but it means that hope (useless, I know))) dies last. god damned, I should say anything fun! I'll try a bit of later.

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